Yes, Pho is generally considered to be a healthy meal choice combining a balanced mix of nutrients and healthy preparation methods.

The broth in Pho is typically made from simmering beef or chicken bones, which can provide a good source of protein and minerals like calcium and phosphorus. The rice noodles in Pho are a gluten-free option and a source of complex carbohydrates. The soup is also typically served with fresh herbs and vegetables like bean sprouts, basil, and lime wedges, which can provide additional vitamins and antioxidants.

However, some pho recipes may include high amounts of salt, MSG or added sugar, which can be a concern for people with certain health conditions. Additionally, some pho dishes may include fatty cuts of meat, which can contribute to a high calorie and saturated fat content.

To make pho a healthier option, choose leaner cuts of meat. Look for broth that is lower in sodium or ask for the broth to be served on the side to control the amount of salt. Adding more vegetables like leafy green pok choy, and mushrooms can also boost the nutritional value of the dish.

At MamaPho we are passionate about sourcing the healthiest ingredients possible. For example, in Vietnam where the beef industry is still in development, we use only certified Australian beef to ensure provenance and quality. We also use traditional cooking methods and avoid all additives and preservatives such as MSG.

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