Absolutely. There are many good recipes on the internet including some that include shortcuts. To make Pho the authentic way does however take quite a bit of time as the meats used to make the stock first need to be roasted and then simmered typically for more than 12 hours. That’s a long time if you’ve just come home hungry from the office!

To make the fresh noodles also requires time and some specialised equipment but dried Pho noodles can be purchased as a replacement.

In Vietnam, Pho is often purchased from a street seller or restaurant for the sake of convenience. Preparing Pho at home has long been considered a demonstration of a mother’s love for her family given the amount of time and preparation involved. Can you imagine watching a stock simmer for 12 hours or more so that it can be ready in time for breakfast? And what if you needed to tend to the charcoal or wood brazier heating the stove?

Did you know MamaPho is named as a tribute to the generations of Mamas that have traditionally prepared Pho in Vietnam?

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